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The Biancodonda Hotel is located in the historic center of Gallipoli in Via Genuino Pagliano. It is located between the ancient village and the Murattiano village, a few steps from the Fishing Port, with its characteristic paranze floating on the water, and the Angioino Castle, surrounded by the sea. Going towards the center you will discover the ancient beauties of this baroque and maritime city, such as the historical palaces, churches, the Greek Fountain: a fascinating journey back in time.

The Ancient and Merchant Ports

The two ports
of the city.

The city of Gallipoli has two ports: the Mercantile one, with an extension of 80,000 square meters, which extends along the part of the old city, and the Ancient one, or Peschereccio, located near the bridge and about fifty meters long, which houses the characteristic paranze Gallipoli fishermen. It is very suggestive to visit it at sunset, when the colors of the sky and the sea give life to a dreamy scenery.

The religious and artistic heart of Gallipoli

The Cathedral
of Saint Agatha.

One of the unmissable stops of your trip to Gallipoli is certainly the visit to the Cathedral Basilica of Sant’Agata, dedicated to the patron saint of the city of Salento. Also known as the Cathedral of Gallipoli, it is located in the historic center of the city and consists of three naves, separated by two rows of twelve Doric columns and twelve altars. The Basilica is considered a real art gallery given the large presence of paintings dating back to the ‘600 and ‘700.

Journey through the grandeur of Baroque art

timeless splendour.

About forty minutes from Biacodonda Hotel, one of the most visited tourist cities of Italy stands out: Lecce, an unmissable destination during your trip to Salento. Capital of Baroque art, Lecce is famous for the beauty of its historic center: spires, portals, churches, monuments and historic houses, which give it an indescribable charm. The beautiful Piazza Sant’Oronzo, the monumental Roman Amphitheater, the Duomo, the fulcrum of the religious life of the city and the Basilica of Santa Croce, symbol of the majesty of the Baroque of Lecce, are just some of the stages in this itinerary in the beauty of a timeless city.

A dip in the sea of Salento

The natural wonder
of Baia Verde.

A few kilometers from Biancodonda Hotel you can discover the wonder of Baia Verde, a long stretch of fine golden sand, bathed by the emerald sea and crystal clear. The coast, which extends for about 3 kilometers, has stretches of free beach and beach facilities equipped and comfortable, such as Bikini Beach and Lido Lee. Bikini Beach, a modern white lounge set on golden sand, offers breakfast, lunch, happy hour at sunset and music in the evening. The Lido Lee is the establishment with restaurant on the crystal clear sea of the Bay and cocktail bar. An unmissable dip in the sea of Salento, which makes unforgettable your trip to Gallipoli.

A pearl in the southernmost point of Puglia

Santa Maria di Leuca.

One of the Countries near Gallipoli absolutely to discover is Santa Maria di Leuca, a small jewel located in the southernmost part of Salento. With a rich cultural, historical and natural heritage, the town is a must if you want to know unique places such as the Basilica of Santa Maria de Finibus Terrea, the Lighthouse, the second highest in Europe, and incredible beaches, such as Spiaggia del Ciolo, along the Adriatic coast, or the Marina di Felloniche, on the Ionian side.

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